The food system is broken.

One third of the world is worrying about when they will get their next meal. At the same time, one third of the world is overfed and over-nutrified. More people today are dying from overconsumption than from hunger. Food production is the single biggest negative impact that humans have on the planet. The food system is the biggest source of greenhouse gases and mass species extinction. The food system is broken, therefore we want to invite you to an evening where we will spark a discussion on what we can do in order to fix it. The time is now, and we cannot solve climate change if we don't solve the food system first.

If you believe there's a better way, join us for an evening and let's be the change the world needs.

Speakers (more to come)

Natalie De Brun
Co-founder of Grönska

Natalie de Brun is an economist and urban farmer who has co-founded the vertical farming company Grönska together with Petter Olsson and Robin Lee. Grönska is an end-to-end company revolutionizing food production by developing technology for vertical farming and producing city grown vegetables and herbs. Last year Grönska was the first company to sell a vertically farmed product on the Swedish consumer market and was awarded with the Stockholm Innovation Scholarship.

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Johannes Cullberg
CEO Paradiset

Johannes Cullberg was elected “Stockholm’s most entrepreneurial person” by Svenskt Näringsliv, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise in 2016. He is an entrepreneur with a strong drive and a passion for health-related business.

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Camilla Björkbom
President Djurens Rätt (Animal Rights Sweden)

Camilla Björkbom is the president of Djurens Rätt, Sweden’s largest animal rights organization. She has been involved in animal advocacy work, both as an activist and as a professional, for two decades. As the president of Djurens Rätt she lobbies for plant-based food and reduced meat consumption as well as animal welfare reforms.

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Hanna Nykänen
Innovation Engineer Food Science

Innovation engineer in Food Preservation at Electrolux, basically developing the refrigerators and freezers of tomorrow. Hanna is also the project leader of Food Mission, a social project founded by Electrolux Food Foundation. In the project Electrolux are tackling the food waste issue, supporting labor integration and rising the awareness .

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Anita Cedergren
Head of sale in Sweden at Karma

Anita Cedergren, Head of sales in Sweden at karma, the food rescuing app from Sweden with the end mission to fight global food waste. Every day she makes it possible for restaurants and grocery stores to make a difference by selling their surplus food to private people.

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Einar Bodström
Producer & Director at House of Radon

Co-founder of House of Radon, Einar Bodström, is one of the directors of the documentary that will be shown during the evening. A project initiated by Electrolux.

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Johan Jörgensen
Sweden Food Tech

Johan Jörgensen

With 20+ years of experience in the Internet sector Johan coaches and invests in Internet companies with disruptive capabilities. Since a few years Johan has gone all in on food. Solving the Big Question on how to feed soon 9 Billion people in a healthy and sustainable way demands all the innovation we can produce. When the biggest industry on the planet gets disrupted, times will be exciting.

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Food Waste Tasting

Townhall 30min

Documentary screening & Panel

Townhall 60min


Townhall 20min

Mingle & Drinks

Townhall 40min

All you need to know

We want to invite you to a mission together with change makers, entrepreneurs, journalists, politicians, experts and policy makers. During the evening we will serve light food, drinks & snacks. Make sure to have your ticket ready for registration at the door.

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